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Your genealogy research is more meaningful when you know what events occurred near the homes of your ancestors.

Places Events Happened

Case Study: Using County Boundary Changes

Genealogy4D is dedicated to providing as many markers as we can to give you more information about your ancestors. You can find markers for historical events, historical structures, and other types of events.

One of the events that is important for genealogy research is the civil boundary changes. Whenever county boundary changes happened it meant that records important to your family were stored in a different location. If you miss a boundary change for your ancestors you may be missing important information.

Here is a way you can use Genealogy4D to find county boundary changes that affected your family.

1. Press the search icon and open the search page.

2. Choose Tennessee as the state and Grundy as the county. Type the word "Norman Cove" in the Name/Surname text box. Press the search button.

3. Click on the marker named "Norman Cove". Then click on the button named "Boundary Changes" in the bottom of the window.

4. You will see a list of all of the boundary changes that happened around that marker. Each year that a boundary changed when it contained this marker it is listed. If the name is different, it means that this marker was actually in a different county starting in that year.

This feature allows you to easily see a timeline of different counties to search for records. In this case there are four different counties to search: White, Bledsoe, Marion, and Grundy. If your ancestors lived in the Norman Cove valley this information will be very useful for you.

You can use this feature all over the United States to easily discover the boundary changes that affected your family.