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Find new clues to old mysteries. Perfect for researching your DNA matches.

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Genealogy4D maps are perfect for genealogy trips. Know where they were. Know where you are.

Case Studies

Discover just a few ways that Genealogy4D can assist you with your research. These are just a few research ideas. Choose a case study below to see more information about how to use this site.


We mark places where records like censuses and city directories were created.


We mark places where people lived and raised their families. We can track when people move in and out of a specific area.


We mark places where your ancestors met their sweethearts, gathered with their neighbors, and sent their children to school.


We mark places where the events of your ancestor's lives took place.

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Special Collections

You get access to our premium marker collections like census markers, plat maps, and special property collections.

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Add your own markers to our huge collection of markers. See your family in context with all the neighbors in the community.

Custom Research

We offer custom research projects to members to assist you in solving those really difficult brick walls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use this site to help me in my research? Read our case studies to find specific ways you can use this tool in your research.
How do I use the filters to limit markers? Here is some helpful information about using the search and filter features in Genealogy4D
When will you add more markers? We are adding markers as fast as we can. If you are interested in a specific area, please let us know.